RoundTable Technology Effectiveness Surveys

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6 Listed Surveys


Cybersecurity Readiness Checklist

This is a checklist to determine your organization's overall cybersecurity readiness.  Once you compete the Checklist you will receive an Executive Summary, which will include findings, recommendations and resources. This Checklist is to be filled out once per organization and may require input from personnel responsible for IT support for your organization. 


Individual Digital Security Survey

This is a self-assessment to evaluate your individual digital security practices.


NYS SHIELD Compliance Checklist

This is a checklist to determine your organization's level of readiness for compliance with the New York SHIELD Act.  If you are a client of RoundTable Technology, we recommend completing this survey in collaboration with your RoundTable Customer Success Manager. If you are not a client of RoundTable, we invite you to have a Discovery Call with one of our professionals to discuss the checklist, your report, SHIELD, or any other questions you may have. 



This survey seeks to gain information about staff perceptions of technology at your organization.

This survey should be completed by all staff at the organization, or a minimum, a representative sample of organization staff.


Technology Health Check

The Technology Health Check is designed to provide you with a high-level health for your organization's technology capacity. The Health Check covers the following areas: Technology Management, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data and Communications. 


Work From Home Self-Check

This survey asks you questions about your work from home systems to help you identify security concerns and provides recommendations for ways you can improve your protection. 

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